Eco Womb's 2014 West Coast Tour: The Conscious Caravan—
Connecting Families, Creating Change

We have met so many people along the way in our travels that are so open and yearning for connection on so many of the conscious issues that we share and teach, that we just had to continue touring. Continue marching to label and eventually ban GMOs, continue supporting local farms and businesses, continue to connect the dots on how big corporations are ruling our food supply, economy, and politics, continue demonstrating how to vote with your dollar and your fork, and continue connecting communities and families so that they are supported in making these big changes of transformation.

We have traveled with other families that we have met along the way and continue to connect with so many conscious souls open to this time of transformation.

The Conscious Caravan is simply our way of opening up our Tour to connect the consciousness awakening as we travel across the country from community to community. By allowing our travel and schedule to flow with the beautiful people we meet along the way, including the amazing families that have joined our travels, we are better able to connect and create big change all together. Thank you for ALL of your open hearts we have met and are yet to meet along the path.

On Tour, we set up community events to engage, educate, connect and co-create the change we are all seeking for a better, safer, healthier world. We offer workshops on sustainable living, alternative fuels, renewable energy, eco-safe products, healthy foods, living from the heart, and going green. We also hold community gatherings, potlucks and bonfires, so that we create a safe and open space for connection to happen, planting the seeds of change along the way. We run a website, forum, facebook, and twitter pages to thread the connections as we move from place to place, and focus on families and communities to help create change by supporting each other in living sustainably and with intention. We host movie screenings, speakers, musicians, artists, and performance along the way bringing the arts together as a way of educating communities.

Our focus is on teaching families how to support one another during this time of transformation, and sharing skills and connections to weather any economic or environmental storm to come. We emphasize voting with your forks and dollars and support living local within communities so as to support our global connections.

The time is now for conscious transformation, and families are at the core for how change will transpire. We are doing this for our children and our children's children and believe in the power of connection to make it happen.

Join us along the way, invite us to your community, support the caravan's needs, we thank you for your open hearts of change!

See more at or view our Indiegogo Fundraiser Campaign video from last year below. And, THANK YOU to all of the families who have joined us along the way and to everyone that has helped make the journey possible!