Eco Womb 2017 tour

Educational and Community Outreach Initiatives

Learn more about Eco Womb's Educational Programs and how you can book us for an event, come see us on Tour, and discover resources that can help you live more simply and sustainably, use alternative fuels and solar power, go organic and Non-GMO, get out into nature with your family, go zero waste, and use eco-safe products in your home.

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Eco Womb's 2017
"BE the Change" Tour

For our 2017 "BE the Change" Tour we will continue to connect with communities open and yearning for change during this time of conscious transformation. Look for us on tour this year as we celebrate six years on the road, and join us to engage, educate, connect and co-create the change we are all seeking for a better world, one family at a time.

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Fueled by Love, Peace and Veggie Grease

Traveling full-time in an RV that runs on waste vegetable oil for fuel and solar for power, our family seeks to connect and educate on simple and sustainable living, alternative fuels, solar energy, zero waste, getting out into nature with your family, eco-safe products for your home, natural parenting, living from the heart, healthy living, and organic, Non-GMO foods. You can follow us on Tour to attend an event or educational workshop and connect with other like-minded families, and sign-up for our newsletter to learn even more ways to go green with your family.

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